Our Promise

Rinnovare's Core Values

Trustworthy-We Live by Our Principles


We place utmost value on being respectful and professional, even when in disagreement. We stay authentic to who we are as we represent Rinnovare. Laying down our principles and what’s ethical is not an option as we support and drive the credibility of Rinnovare.  

Tenacious – We Never Give Up


We are willing to work hard at solving problems. We see the value in taking smart risks, moving things forward and not getting stuck. We are decisive and are not resistant to growth, change, and hard work.  

Relational-We are Approachable


We will always be willing to work with others to problem solve. We see the value in solid communication. We aren't in it just for ourselves. We are willing to bring others along with us and help them grow.  

Growth Minded - We are Life Learners

If we're not growing, we're dying. We celebrate new ideas and see the value of setting goals and working towards attaining them. We will not settle for the status quo. We have the confidence and courage to be life learners.  

Collaborate – We are Team Players


We are someone others are not intimidated by and want to come to with ideas, problems, solutions… We are inclusive of others and other ideas while maintaining a sense of humor and not taking ourselves too seriously. We are all in this together. 


Jim Forbes I President

Jim Forbes is the co-founder and President of Rinnovare. Jim brings 35 years of concrete construction experience to the Rinnovare process and has always been drawn to taking risks and being on the cutting edge of construction technology.

From building custom homes in Arizona to managing commercial concrete projects in the Carolinas, Jim has always lived and worked by these core values: trustworthiness, collaboration, building relationships, and tenacity. These have served him well and translate directly to any business he owns or supports. Adding value, serving others, and building influence through these core values makes Jim and Rinnovare a company clients want to partner with.

Sandy Forbes I Vice President

Sandy Forbes is the Owner and co-founder of Rinnovare. Together with her husband Jim, she brings over 35 years of management experience to the process of building a company that operates from it's core values and exceeds expectations.

As a minority owner, Sandy is focused on building a strong team that is cohesive, always growing, and making a difference in the community. Drawing from her background in team management, marketing, and business, Sandy knows the importance of bringing value to clients and growing a company whose goals are more than than just making a profit.

In her spare time, Sandy loves to hike, can be a bookworm, is inspired by renovation, and feels most alive at the beach. More than anything, she loves spending time with her children and grand children.

Austin Forbes | Project Administrator

Being the son of a concrete contractor, Austin grew up surrounded by the industry but never became a part of it until recently. Austin brings a new lens to the world of concrete. He is customer service oriented with a focus on honesty and integrity. With years of management experience, Austin focuses on creative problem solving in every project he works on. Along with a willingness to collaborate to find the best and most efficient outcome in any scenario, Austin’s eagerness to constantly be learning is what sets him apart and drives a modern and creative approach to his administrative efforts.

Mark Stafford | Field Superintendent

Mark has been in the concrete industry since 1988. He's worked on residential, commercial, multi family and industrial concrete projects across the U.S.
When not at work he enjoys smoking meats, watching college football (Go Gators!), shooting rifles and reloading his own ammunition.
Mark lives outside of York, SC with his wife, Jayne, 3 dogs and one parrot.

Pat Hail | Head of Business Development

Pat has extensive networking and leadership experience with a skill set in building teams and partnering with leadership to accomplish corporate goals and objectives. His experience with residential, remodeling and commercial concrete applications, coupled with capital campaign fundraising ($10 Million to $15 Million over five years with 18 non-profits) have prepared him to understand many facets of construction. Since 1979, whether working in the for profit or non profit world, Pat has lived core values like trustworthiness, collaboration, building relationships, and tenacity, which set him apart from others. He has five children, two grandsons and another one on the way. Pat enjoys spending time with family and friends, hunting, fishing, and restoring his 1972 Chevy Cheyenne pickup truck.


April Hendreschke | Executive Assistant

See for yourself what our clients are saying about us!

"Jim’s experience with concrete construction is varied, he has delivered quality work from simple slab on grade projects to multistory cast in place structures. He knows the importance of managing Safety on a construction project.  

Jim is of good character, proactive in his thought processes and has a strong moral compass. I know Jim to be a good builder, a man of faith and overall a genuinely good person."  

- John Ashworth, VP of Workforce | Wayne Brothers Inc.

"It has been a pleasure to work with your team and you guys have done an excellent job in maintaining schedule and providing quality workmanship. Your team has overcome many challenges including the weather and soil conditions that we encountered during this extremely wet winter season. Despite those challenges, Rinnovare never complained often going above and beyond the call, your guys always worked Saturdays and were always there to lend a helping hand."

- Michael Doyle, Project Manager | Kaufman Lynn Construction

"Wood Partners has had excellent success in working with Rinnovare. Rinnovare's office and field personnel are thorough and timely on submittals, RFI's, bulletins, getting materials onsite, safety onsite and providing high-quality work. We believe that the concrete subcontractor assists Wood Partners on setting the pace, accuracy and timeline for our projects. By working with Rinnovare we achieve these goals."

- Adam Guild, Project Manager | Wood Partners